Voices of Advocacy

Watch the Video

It will make you laugh and cry, feel proud, and rejoice in active aging.

In 2009/10 Peggy Edwards studied the Canadian Grandmothers To Grandmothers Campaign to find answers to the question: "How do we engage, nurture and sustain older women advocates in civil society?" Her work is captured in the inspiring 12-minute video “Voices of Advocacy: Older Women Speak Out”, which won top prize in documentary films at the Global Conference of the International Federation of Aging in Prague in June 2012. 

This site also provides a number of other products and teaching tools. Use of the video and these tools will provoke reflection and discussion about: 1. breaking down negative stereotypes about aging; 2. the health and community benefits of activism; 3. grandmothers as leaders in social justice; 4. why grandmothers feel passionate about this intergenerational cause; and 5. best practices for engaging older women as voluntary advocates in civil society.